Thursday, February 27, 2020

Pathos Ethos, Logos Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Pathos Ethos, Logos - Essay Example The author places the blame on the Disney Princess franchise that has been explicit in their content to the point that the young girls viewing this content feel obliged to embrace a certain appearance or to dress up in a particular way as they relate with what they see from the Disney Princesses that they adore. The article also presents a discussion that the other media platforms like music videos, television and social media have to share the blame for the way young girls view the discussion of the elements of their sexuality When talking of the element of Ethos in the essay, it is practical to understand the relevance of understanding the trust worthiness of the article. After evaluation of the piece, it is apparent that the author has done the relevant research for this article and has interviewed the relevant people whose insight is important to the discussion. Some of them are also mothers who have had to deal with the facts that their daughters are having a hard time embracing the culturally acceptable values in regards to their image and sexuality. The essay has used lots of Logos for the purposes of proving the point of discussion. The writer has discussed the interest to this topic by relating it to a firsthand approach when the paper is introduced with the experience from Mary Finucane on page 1 of the essay. Ms. Finucane is a mother who noticed that her daughter had changed her behaviors as she related less with her female friends and got interested in waiting for a ‘prince’ as she had seen in one of the Disney programs. The paper has also presented related statistics to support the discussion, for example, on page two she states â€Å"One-quarter of 14-to-17-year-olds of both sexes polled by  The Associated Press  and  MTV  in 2009 reported either sending naked pictures of themselves or receiving naked pictures of someone else.† This quote means that

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